Monday, July 20, 2009

Fickle Feet

This summer I have been living in my SwitchFlops. These flip flops have interchangeable decorative straps which give you the opportunity to create numerous looks from just one pair of shoes. Attached with Velcro, the straps are really easy to change and the Velcro is super strong so the straps stay on no matter how active you are.

I think that these flip flops are perfect to take on vacations. With only one pair of shoes, you can go from a casual look to a more dressy look just by changing the strap. Also, SwitchFlops come in a couple different heel heights so it’s easy to find the perfect shoe for every occasion. My next purchase is going to the cute kitten heel flip flops, called the Lily. I am dreading when winter comes and I have to stop wearing my SwitchFlops.

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Family Life said...

I LOVE switch flops, I got some and gave some to a friend of mine, perfect for summer and they hold up welL!